Executive Leadership

Antuwan Clemons


Former Elected President of Gary, IN School Board, Former Special Assistant to the Director of Youth Service Center, Director of Marketer of Country Inn Suites Valparaiso, IN. Executive Director of Adonia Community Service, and Executive Administrator of Trinity Educational & Daycare Academy.

Latonya Denson


20+ Years Experience in Entrepreneurship, Sales & Accounting. Owner of OMG Mobile Cuisine and AStyleProducts.com. Founder of Circle of Diamonds Enterprise

Legal Department

Laughing Right Productions legal department is served by Robert L. Lewis & Associates.


With over 40 years of successful litigation experience, Attorney Robert L Lewis has been appointed to serve LRP as chief Counsel and will oversee all legal aspects our corporation.

Executive Staff

Frank Kirk

Business Support Officer

Senior Manager of Papa Johns, Life Success Coach of Napoleon Hill Foundation, and Career Service Specialist for Gary Schools, Career Development Specialist for Adonia Community Service

Arianna Lawson


Ernst & Young LLP-Senior Associate in Audit Practice Red Row Productions -1st Assistant Director, Illinois Media School Instructor , and Law 91 Media Founder & Lead Designer