General Overview


Our networking community provides solutions for small businesses, independent writers, directors, content creators & producers. 


While providing high-quality cost efficient production and streaming packages to fit any small business or corporation needs.


We produce and curate high-end quality television programs, web series, commercials, podcast and films targeted at specific demographics for their entertainment.

Through our shosphcated network of websites, applications, and social media accounts we are able to market our clients content then distribute it to the appropriate audience.

We assist clients content with social media promotion to help them gain more traction influencing their reach and impression.  


Pro Wrestling Pulse

Attracting major independent and contracted wrestlers from all around the world PWP is dedicated to show its fans along with the entire wrestling universe that we are more than a name "we are the definition"

Our web-based video streaming platform for live entertainment, music, lifestyle, gaming, reality tv, and sporting content.

Our revenue and content sharing social media platform for writers and producers of all industries.

Our ticketing platform allows event promoters to sell tickets for their events no matter the size and enable eventgoers to browse and purchase tickets

Partners & Clients